I love my job. Find out more about my process and what I can do for you.


Hunt & Gather


The start of a project is exciting and essential. It’s where we lay the groundwork and set off change. In my research work as a designer, and through projects as travel and design writer and photographer I’ve developed an intuitive and practical investigative approach to kick off projects:


• Speak a common language
• Identify users and their contexts
• Ask the right questions and challenge ideas
• Describe problems and create opportunities

Mutate & Evolve


Reflect, imagine and invent. Then do it all again.


• Tell a story, paint a picture
• Experiment and play, validate and learn
• Be sure to have some fun


So what can I do for you here?

• Visualisation of complex systems, IA and flows
• Development of a strategy for lean processes, aligned branding and engaging framework and content.


Develop & Deliver


Getting the job done is the only way to create something relevant. Having worked with materials ranging from fibreglass to pixels to words, I’ve learned that the heart of good things lies in the quality of concept – and its validation in the execution.


• Uncover beauty in restrictions and budgets
• Distil to the essence, streamline processes, build modular and scalable
• Love what you deliver, as it will shape the world around us